Where to Start?

At Newbridge St Brigids we would like as many children as possible to take part in a sport or hobby they enjoy. 

Follow the steps below to get started:

1.  Are you in our Newbridge St Brigids Area?

All children living in our Community Games Area are welcome to take part in our events.  If you live in any of the addresses listed here, you are within our area.  Click here for list of addresses

(if your address is not listed, you may be part of the Newbridge St Conleths area)

2.  Pick an Event / Events

There are lots of events to choose from:  Arts / Hobbies or Sports; Team, Individual or Representative.

Some events such as Art, Model Making, and Handwriting are typically done in your child's school, with guidance from Teacher.  Contact us if you have queries on this.   

Click here for list of events

3.  Check Age Guidelines

Each event is grouped into various age categories, with the aim of making each event competitive and achievable for each child.  Click to check Age Regulations

4.  Just turn up!

Lots of the events start with a get together at a School Hall, Community Centre, Pitch or Pool.  These tend to be open invitation, i.e. once you are from our Newbridge St Brigids Area, you're welcome to come along.

5.  Competitions

The way events are run varies, depending on the Art or Sport your child is interested in.  A general guideline, however, is this:  Children are invited to "open events" where they practice, then compete against each other.  These are "Area" competitions.  

The shortlist of children selected from our Area, then goes forward to compete at "County" level.  If successful, "County" winners go forward to "Provincial" level. Children who make it through then go forward to represent our Newbridge St Brigids area at the National Festivals (held in May and August)

5.  Keep Up to Date

"Like" our Facebook page so that you receive updates on dates, times and venues of try outs, training and competitions.


The aim of Community Games is to introduce and encourage a love of sport and culture -

we'd love your child to join in too.