One of the best features of Community Games is its diversity, so whether your child is an artist or a dancer, a singer or a swimmer, a draughts player or a discus thower, they are sure to find something to enjoy.  

Children start by participating at Local Area level.  If chosen to go forward, they then compete at County Level.  While lots of successful County competitors going straight from County to the Annual Festivals, a few events also involve Provincial heats, to qualify for the finals in May and/or August.


This year, the Annual National Festivals will be held at University of Limerick.

Newbridge St Brigids participate in Individual, Team and Representative events. Click below for more.

Important Note:  We try to run as many events as possible.  Usually an event starts with children gathering to practice or train in the event of their choice for a few weeks before any competition.  If, however, we don't have an adult to help or coach these children, we cannot proceed with this event. 


For example, if we do not have an adult who can help the children practice their Chess for a few weeks, we will not be able to put a Chess Team forward to County or National level. 

To give all children the very best chance, we always welcome and encourage adults to help out. 

It really is easier than you might imagine - a few hours here and there - job satisfaction guaranteed!!

Call us to chat it through.

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