Newbridge St Brigids Community Games

Welcome to Newbridge St Brigids Community Games website.  You'll find great opportunities here for children aged between 6 and 16 to participate in the sports and /or hobbies they enjoy.


Community Games hopes to nurture and develop active, healthy lives for children, in a safe environment, encouraging them to taking part in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. Community spirit and co-operation are at the heart of Community Games with a big focus on participation rather than winning. 

Children start by participating in Individual and/or Team events at local, Area Level.  They can then go forward to compete at County Level and, finally, a place at the National Festival may be theirs.  National Festivals take place in May and August and are the highlight of the Community Games annual calendar.  We hope you find something here to encourage and inspire your children.


The aim of Community Games is to introduce and encourage a love of sport and culture -

we welcome your child to join in too.